Health and Safety

Fancy's Farm is a working farm and should be treated as such. We endeavour to carry out any works outside opening hours but sometimes this is unavoidable. If any works are being carried out we will advise all visitors of any risk involved.

  • Hand Washing
    Please ensure that you thoroughly wash your hands before eating at the farm or leaving the farm. Whilst we take every care to ensure the cleanliness of the site there remains a small risk to health of bacterial infections.

  • By entering onto the premisis you are responsible for the actions of your children and any younsters in your care. Animals can bite and care should be taken to ensure that childrens hands etc are kept away from danger.

  • Footwear
    Please ensure you wear sensible footwear when visiting the farm. Although they are rarely seen we do have Adders here and care should be taken to stay on the marked paths. We cannot allow visitors to enter animal paddocks with inappropriate footwear.

  • Safety Around Animals
    Under no circumstances should any visitor enter animal enclosures unless escorted by a staff member. All under 16's must be accompanied by an adult. Please be aware that animals can be boisterous and smaller children could be pushed over. Goats like eating clothes and long hair. They also have sharp horns and whilst they are very friendly they could hurt a child if they stand on you or catch you with their horns.

  • Dogs
    No dogs are allowed into the animal enclosures.

  • Safety Notices
    Please ensure that you read and understand all safety notices on site, they are there for your comfort and enjoyment.

  • Risk Assessments
    Risk assessments are on site and are available on request.