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Meet The Alpacas At Fancys Farm on Portland

A once in a lifetime special event, why not add our Alpacas to your guest list. They would be more than happy to charm your guests. They would attend all dressed ready for your wedding. If you have a special colour theme or any other special requirements we would be more than happy to listen. The Alpacas are more than happy to have their photos taken.

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Care Home/Nursery & Retirement Home Visits
Alpacas are renowned for their therapeutic properties our Alpacas are very friendly quiet and well behaved. Residents can stroke the Alpacas and feel their magnificent soft fleece, or just sit with them and listen to their humming. We will take pictures if you would like. If the weather is good we can take the Alpacas outside to be with the residents.
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(minimum 2 Alpacas)

Surprise your child by inviting Alpacas (minimum of 2 alpacas).

The British Alpaca Society

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